Talent Army  with offices in Auckland and Wellington, was founded to give companies the ability to access talent when and where they want at the right cost. Long have companies not had the opportunity to bolt on and bolt off best practice recruitment strategies. Founder of Talent Army, Troy Hammond created Talent Army to give the power back to companies to help them find talent on their own terms. 

Since launching in 2014, Talent Army has already helped organisations across New Zealand, The United States, The United Kingdom and Australia optimise their recruiting and employer branding strategies. We are helping them by providing access to talent all over the world. Talent Army provides training to companies, internal teams and agencies on how to best find talent and runs individual and group talent boot camps. 

Talent Acquisition is now recognised by industry leaders as one of the most important functions in a business and Talent Army is dedicated to helping our customers scale their business by helping them to secure the best talent in the market; not just the talent that is actively looking for a new job. Most companies only ever find active candidates as they do not know how to reach the passive candidates and so Talent Army was born to provide this service. 

We are at the forefront of innovation in the recruiting industry and are able to advise you on the right strategy, tools, techniques to do it yourself or to own the process and do this for you. We can design your whole recruitment strategy, help you fill select roles,  make recommendations on which ATS (Applicant Tracking System), which talent technology to use, design and build your careers page, develop and fill your candidate talent roadmap. 

Talent Army is not a recruitment agency and so we will not charge you HUGE fees for one off recruitment, though tailor and execute on talent solutions for you, be it one off or ongoing. 

Enlist us now to help your business to attain the best talent out there, not just the candidates actively looking. 



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