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Troy Hammond


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Troy is the original founder of Talent Army and is known as one of the best recruiters in New Zealand. He has been sourcing tech talent in New Zealand successfully for over 14 years and there is absolutely nobody with more experience of recruiting in SaaS than him. 

Troy works with startups, scale ups and global tech companies who actually give a shit. He is very fussy about which clients he works with as he cares deeply about NZ inc and the people who work in it.

He can often be seen working on all the best CxO level roles in SaaS around the country and is the go to person here at Talent Army for executive search. 

Some people live to work, and I work to live. I absolutely love travelling and am always planning my next trip somewhere. Life is short and so I have a list of things I write down and achieve every decade. This list is 50 before 50. OMG I am heading towards 50. 

While Troy is our founder he is one of the most active sourcers in our company. He loves finding hard to find talent and has made it his passion to help the SaaS industry be the biggest exporter in NZ by helping his clients scale.

Outside of Talent Army Group, Troy has a few SaaS startups on the go and likes to invest in the clients he feels the most passionate about. 

No matter how well known Troy gets, he likes to say that he is not a thought leader or Ted Speaker. He is just a regular idiot who works with start-ups that are scaling and finds awesome people to help them scale. If you are looking him up as he has looked at your LinkedIn profile or sent you a mail, he is probably headhunting you. 

"Without Ange, I would be broke ;)"

Troy Hammond
Troy Hammond

CEO & Founder


Troy Hammond

Troy Hammond

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