Welcome to the Talent Army (Auckland) team - Shawn Ras

Talent Army’s Auckland office is seeing some amazing growth and has yet to even make a single sales call. Within a year we have seen the business grow rapidly and are working with some of the best startups & companies in Auckland, with many more wanting to do business with us. In order to keep up with this demand, we are very excited to have Shawn Ras join us as a Talent Manager in our Auckland office.

Shawn has recently just moved to Auckland with his partner and as he initially did not know if he wanted to live in Auckland or Wellington, both offices fell in love with him and wanted him bad. We decided against a fight to the death and to let Shawn decide on location. After confirming he would prefer Auckland, Wellington all cried and Auckland partied for days.

Welcome to the Talent Army whānau Shawn!

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Dan our Auckland Director, asked Shawn some questions below for you to get to know him a little more.

Dan: Shawn, it is so great to have you on the team. Please tell us a little about yourselves outside of work?

Shawn: I am a proud father of four cats, fond of the outdoors and enjoy the occasional hike. Most of my free time is spent with close friends and family, having a braai (bbq). I am a food fanatic, although I'm not the best cook (as yet).

Dan: Please tell us a little about your work and what you have done?

Shawn: I started in a call centre environment and progressed into a Senior Tech Recruiter, having worked in a variety of industries including Aviation, IT, Telecommunication, FinTech and Remittance. I have lots of experience working with both corporates and high growth startups.

Dan :Why did you join Talent Army?

Shawn: I was sold after viewing the website, especially the part about "No Bullshit". I'm not your typical recruiter and I struggle to fit into a mould, with this being said I believe that Talent Army will provide me with the freedom to try new things and excel in my career.

Dan: Why do your clients and candidates love dealing with you?

Shawn: As I said, I'm truly a no bullshit kinda guy. Honest and direct, not beating around the bush be it with a candidate or client. This has worked thus far, especially with start-ups that require honest guidance and a firm hand.

Dan: What is something not many people know about you?

Shawn: I am the youngest of triplets (two brothers).

Dan: What is your favourite movie?

Shawn: The Chronicles of Narnia.

Dan: What is your favourite drink?

Shawn: I'm pretty easy, buy it and I'll drink it! Love a good cup of coffee, craft beer, Mojito or the occasional brandy and coke.

Dan: Why do you love technology?

Shawn: It's constantly changing and with that you have to stretch yourself as a recruiter. I enjoy the thrill of reading up on new terminology and job titles / vacancies I haven't filled before (I feel like there's a new title created every fortnight).

Thanks Shawn, it is so great to have you on the team. Please welcome him to the team and you can get in contact with Shawn to help you find your dream gig, you can contact him on E-mail & LinkedIn.

Have a great week everyone.