When I first set up Talent Army, I looked across New Zealand and wondered who I would like in the business.
The first person I thought of was Dan Buchanan and I was lucky enough and he crazy enough to set up with me (after a year or two of begging 😉).

The second person I thought of was Ash Thompson. Ash and I had always chatted when I was in Auckland and or attending a conference. I always admired the way he did recruitment and the no-bullshit conversations we had. It is rare in the recruitment sector for two competing recruiters to do so.

I approached Ash and it was not great timing, though I was determined he would join us to continue our mission with Talent Army. Once Dan joined, I told him that I wanted to get Ash on the team and he agreed that we approach him again when the time was right.

After fulfilling his internal recruitment goals and feeling like he had more to give the agency land, Ash approached us about having another conversation and obviously we were keen to make it happen.

We are so very pleased to now announce that great recruiter and all-round good bugger Ash has joined Talent Army as a Senior Account Manager in our Auckland office.

Ash - Talent Army.jpg

We asked Ash the usual questions to help you understand him more. Please connect with him on LinkedIn and E-mail too.

Dan: Ash, so great to have you on the team. Please tell us a little about yourselves outside of work?

Ash: I’m originally from Essex (the accent and my love for a done up top button will give that away when you meet me), I’ve been in NZ for the last 6.5 years and have loved every minute of it. Outside of work I’m either watching or talking about football, boxing or watching boxing or a few beers deep at a gig somewhere.

Dan: Please tell us a little about your work and what you have done?

Ash: I’ve been in recruitment for nearly 8 years with most of that time spent recruiting in the digital/tech space here in New Zealand. For the last 18 months I have been in an internal recruitment position for the Clemenger Group; with the largest part of my role looking after Colenso BBDO. My time working in-house has really opened my eyes to the inner workings of an agency and also to the battles that our stakeholders face, something I couldn’t empathise with when I was at a recruitment agency.

Dan: Why did you join Talent Army?

Ash: I have known Troy and Dan for a number of years so the opportunity to work with them is something I couldn’t turn down! But also, I’ve admired the brand for a long time, the way Talent Army markets itself and how they operate is like nobody else and that really appeals to me.

Dan: Why do your clients and candidates love dealing with you?

Ash: I’m not a dick! I won’t bullshit, or tell you something that I can’t back up. I like to think I’m a pretty straight-up guy and that comes through when you’re talking to me. There’s nothing better than going for a beer or just chatting shit on the phone with a client/candidate that actually wants to be catching up - rather than somebody who comes for a ‘free beer’ or thinks ‘urgh Ash is calling, what does he want!?’

Dan: What is something not many people know about you?

Ash: I had my first corporate fight last year and I knocked my opponent out in 59 seconds (although I can’t help but tell EVERYBODY about that, so it’s becoming more and more of a ‘common fact about me’).Also, I have an irrational fear of chocolate, which is pretty weird.

Dan: What is your favourite movie?

Ash: Snatch – I’ve lost count of how many times I’ve watched it!

Dan: What is your favourite drink?

Ash: Magners – it’s the greatest, most refreshing drink ever. I also heavily rely on coffees to get me through the day, more specifically flat whites!

Dan: Why do you love technology?

Ash: I could go on forever about why I love technology but ultimately it just makes life so much easier, better and more enjoyable in every single way; whether it’s automating something, enhancing the video/audio quality of a stream to make your viewing more enjoyable or just the fact that you’re always connected. No matter the issue, need or want – technology will have you covered!

Thanks so much Ash, and so great to have you on the team; FINALLY!

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