Welcome to the Talent Army (Auckland) team - Dan Buchanan

Talent Army has been recruiting in Auckland since our very first day and we probably do about 30% of our business from Auckland. However we have never had a physical presence there, till now.... 

We are so very pleased to welcome Dan Buchanan to the team. 
Dan will be coming on board as Director and General Manager of Talent Army Auckland and will be joining us from the beginning of September. 


I have been courting Dan for over a year to make this happen and I am pleased to say it is well worth the wait. 

To join Adela and I as a director in this business, I wanted someone that shared my same passion for the industry and was highly ethical and respected. With Dan, we get all of that and more. They say you should hire people who are better than you and I feel that with Dan running Auckland and Adela running Wellington, I may be out of a job. 

Dan and I have worked together in our past at another big recruitment company that we joined to re-energise. We managed to achieve a lot together then and so I am so excited about the future. 

With Dan joining us this helps Talent Army to offer Talent Innovation & Acquisition consulting services to a new level of clients. Dan has a background of working with larger companies and helping them to transition their talent and tech teams into modern, leading edge business units. We look forward to offering a new wave of services outside our traditional startup niche. 

Anyway, enough of me gushing about Dan and let's hear from him directly. I asked him a bunch of questions and you can read them below.  


Troy: Dan, so great to have you  on the team. Please tell us a little about yourselves outside of work?

Dan:  Married to the best human I know. About 4 months ago, we produced a little bundle of joy - Georgia and have had no sleep since then. Before this little life event, I did a few seasons snow sliding overseas and down south. 

Troy: Please tell us a little about your work and what you have done?

Dan: My latest role has been working as Manager Talent Acquisition with the AWESOME team at ASB, specifically in the Technology, Innovation, Payments and Digital space. We have been on a journey for the past 2 years implementing agile and DevOps practices across our Tribes and Squads, with the purpose of increasing our throughput and pace of delivery of value to our customers. From a recruitment perspective, I have spent my time reimagining and experimenting with the way we go about attracting, sourcing, assessing and on boarding great people into this new ‘Way of Working’.  Working with such a forward thinking People and Culture team has exposed me to a plethora of different experiences, like being involved in managing facets of Start Me UP - our Early career/graduate program and using tools like Design Thinking to get better outcomes for our customers.  

Troy: Why did you join Talent Army?

Dan: Troy and I have been complicit in recruitment shenanigans in the past and have always wanted to work together again. The timing was right and “here we are”!. 

Troy: Why do your clients and candidates love dealing with you?

Dan: Nice to have the  luxury of writing my own reviews here, but I guess coaching and advising hiring managers on recruitment best practice, experimenting with new ways of assessing candidate suitability and sourcing for hard to fill roles. A passion for technology and having worked operationally in different IT roles has defiantly been handy.

Troy: Why has Talent Army opened in Auckland?

Dan: We are wanting to continue the great work being done in Wellington with the start-up community, but also branch out in to working with other technology companies, where the same mind-set and approach that Talent Army uniquely offers can be of value.

Troy: What is something not many people know about you? 

Dan: There are probably good reasons that not many people know these things ..... the first album I purchased was the mmmmbop single by Hanson. Enjoy that playing over in your head for the next hour. You’re welcome.

Troy: What is your favourite movie?
Dan: Anything by Christopher Nolan or Michael Mann -Heat and Dunkirk are up there.

Troy: What is your favourite drink?

Dan : A whopping, great big ballsy IPA. If you have to keep it away from naked flame, I will probably be into it  

Troy: Why do you love technology?

Dan: I have been working in technology for so long now, I could not/ would not want to work in another industry.  It's what I know and what I love. 

Thanks Dan. So amazing to have someone of your calibre come and help us with this journey we are on and lead that in Auckland. 

If you want to connect with Dan, you can do on LinkedIn and Twitter so give him a follow. 



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