W found ourselves in a predicament last week trying to choose between hiring Amy and Sinead as both seemed to a great fit and amazing humans and so we decided "screw it, let's hire both."

Talent Army just celebrated our 2nd birthday and has achieved a lot in this time. 
We have yet to make one single sales call and for those reading this (not in recruitment) this is very rare as usually in your first week on the job in recruitment, the first thing your boss asks you to do is to go out and find some sales. I firmly believe this is because we strive to be the best in our industry and we use this passion and hard work to find candidates that most cannot. 

We are seeing a huge growth in clients that are approaching us at the moment and this growth is now in Auckland, Australia and the US and not just Wellington. This is why we are soon to be opening an office in Auckland with a new Director and GM having recently accepted and Melbourne looking likely as our new destination. 

However to support that growth you need amazing people and as I said above we are lucky enough to have two more amazing humans starting with us today. 

Sinead Lunt - Talent Manager

Sinead Lunt

Sinead Lunt joins us as a Talent Manager after spending the last two years working in the recruitment team for King who you might know by the game they made 'Candy Crush' where she was a Campus Recruitment Coordinator helping to secure King the best Talent from Universities around Europe. 

Before this, Sinead was employed by a global recruitment company in Auckland where she was a resourcer and candidate manager, however has moved back to Wellington with her boyfriend who is now playing for the Wellington Lions. 

We look forward to Sinead working here and feel she will be a great fit. 
You can find her on LinkedIn, Twitter and E-mail here. 

Amy Suen - Talent Manager

Amy Suen

Amy Suen joins us after spending the last year in NZ working in recruitment in a difference sector. Amy is travelling the world and has called NZ home for a while. 
With great recruitment experience in NZ and abroad living in the US, Hong Kong and Ireland, she is really keen to get back into tech and help us as our new Talent Manager. 

We look forward to Sinead working here and feel she will be a great fit. 
You can find her on LinkedIn, Twitter and E-mail here. 

I asked them both some questions to get to know them and so you can find the answers below.





Troy: Sinead and Amy, so great to have you both on the team. Please tell us a little about yourselves outside of work?

Sinead: I have recently returned from London, where my itch to travel led me back in 2015. I have been working and travelling throughout Europe for the past two years, enjoying as many adventures as my bank account would let me!  I met some amazing people along the way and picked up a few good stories. As they always say, it’s not about the destination, but what you learn on the journey! As it turns out, my journey has now brought me to  back to windy Wellington, which I am now super proud to call home.  
Amy: I'm half Chinese, half Irish with an unexplainable American accent that I've managed to pick up along the way. I've been on the move travelling for the past few years, before settling into Wellington - the coolest wee capital in the world. I love a good hike, watching UFC and have a slightly twisted sense of humour.

Troy: Please tell us a little about your work and what you have done?

Sinead: My most recent role was at casual gaming company in London, ‘King’ who are better known for their key title Candy Crush Saga. My role was in the campus recruitment team at King helping recruit the best early talent pipeline, offering various intern and graduate opportunities across Europe. At King I learnt a lot about the magic dust needed to create a successful game - superstars!
Amy: I originally began recruiting in a retail store, later moving to New York to recruit in I.T. Biotech and Pharma. I later moved to Hong Kong to recruit within the financial space before relocating to New Zealand. 

Troy: Why did you join Talent Army?

Sinead: Having the opportunity to work for such an exciting, fast growing tech company in London made me realise the type of environment I wanted to be in. I knew this was going to be hard to find in Wellington but after speaking with Troy and the team I knew straight away Talent Army was the supportive, collaborative environment I had been looking for!
Amy: I joined Talent Army because I wanted to be a part of a company that shares the same values as I do. What they do is completely different to anybody else in the industry. They focus on quality and honesty for both the clients and candidates - That for me is key.

Troy: Why do your candidates love dealing with you?

Sinead: Well, I have been told that I am very approachable, positive and honest  - which I will take.
Amy: I'm a very straight forward person and I like to tell it how it is - I think being open an honest with candidates is the most important thing. I'm always keen to get to know people and their motivations and interests, I think this is so important when trying to match great candidates with their dream companies.

Troy: What is something not many people know about you?

Sinead: I love to cook! I can create anything from what people think is ‘nothing’ in the pantry, which ends up being some very interesting creations definitely not suited to all.
Amy: I can't swim and I'm terrified of butterflies. I'm also a black belt in karate *(not really- but almost)

Troy: What is your favourite movie?

Sinead: Something that will make me laugh.. Wedding Crashers or Bridesmaids.  I am also guilty of the occasional Netflix binge so a good series doesn’t go astray.
Amy: The hobbit trilogy is a solid favourite.

Troy: What is your favourite drink?

Sinead: Different occasions call for different measures.. my go to at the moment has to be Monkey 47 gin with soda and fresh lime! Although, I can’t go without a freshly brewed coffee (I hear Wellington has some of the best).
Amy: I'm Irish so anything and everything. A good craft beer will never go a miss!

Troy: Why do you love technology?

Sinead: As an industry it is exciting, interesting, and ultimately life changing. I am fascinated by how much technology has advanced in such a short space of time and what has been achieved already... Who knows that the future of technology will be in 5 or 10 years, let alone 50! I also love that it is an industry teeming with extremely talented people, who are responsible for making all of the excitement happen!  
Amy: Technology is ever evolving, its one of this things that you will just never get bored with.  Theres always something new and cool happening!

Welcome to the team ladies. We look forward to seeing you help our clients and candidates. 

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