Welcome to Talent Army - Danny Clarke

As Talent Army prepares to take some bigger steps in our second year we have been ensuring that we do not make any bad hiring choices as we scale ourselves. 

We would love to hire 5 more great recruiters tomorrow if we could, though the problem is we just cannot find many recruiters who are truly passionate about their craft and the industry. Most people in the (agency) recruitment industry do it for money and this comes out straight away. 

We are however really excited to announce we have found someone in Danny who shares our vision of this industry, is very passionate about recruitment and the tech start-up ecosystem. 

I am really pleased to announce Danny is joining the Talent Army team to help us go faster and start saying yes to more client projects as we have had to turn too many down being too busy. 

Danny did a Bachelor of Commerce, Human Resource Management and Industrial Relations at Victoria University finishing in 2014. 
In his last year Danny wrote a paper on the tech start-up ecosystem in Wellington and absolutely fell in love with this space and using his HR degree found himself in IT recruitment after finishing study. 

In 2013 Danny won a Victoria University of Wellington Blues Award and in the same year represented his country as a Junior All White as part of the New Zealand Under 20 team that attended the FIFA Under 20 World Cup in Turkey.

We think Danny is the perfect fit for Talent Army and you can hear some more and connect with him below as I asked him a few questions. 

Troy: Danny, so great to have you on the team. Please tell us a little about yourself outside of work?

Danny: Outside of work I am generally keeping busy with sport. I play football in the winter for Miramar and play cricket in the summer with a bunch of mates for collegians. other than that I am a pretty laid back guy that enjoys hanging out with mates on the weekend and having a beer.

Troy: Please tell us a little about your work and what you have done?

Danny: I have been working with Comspek for the past year and a half as a recruitment consultant. They work on behalf of a number of big corporate clients with the major ones being within telecommunications. I have been involved in sourcing the right candidates as quickly as possible to fill a number of roles at any time for any account within the company (Auckland or Wellington).

Troy: Why did you join Talent Army?

Danny: I joined Talent Army as I believe what you are doing within the recruitment industry hasn't been done before. Working with start ups are generally a no go zone for other recruiters. To me, this actually makes you stand out from the crowd and makes it attractive to work for you as a company. I look forward to growing with the company and the challenges ahead. 

Troy: Why do your candidates love dealing with you?

Danny: I'm a pretty honest guy (Well i like to think so) and most candidates like to hear the truth. I'm not one for telling candidates they are right for a role and not putting them forward to a client and never hearing from me again. I would rather tell them why they aren't a good fit and let them know when a better role comes up. I also like to keep my candidates updated as much as possible even if there hasn't been any feedback I will just let them know what the situation is. 

Troy: What is something not many people know about you?

Danny: That I'm a bit of a nerd when it comes to computers and gaming. I have previously taken apart and rebuilt a computer and am currently teaching myself how to code.

Troy: What is your favourite movie?

Danny: Hard to give just one but I am a big fan of the Lord of Rings trilogy. 

Troy: What is your favourite drink?

Danny: At the moment it is probably the Panhead Supercharger but any Garage Project goes down well too.

Troy: Why do you love technology?

Danny: It is just ever evolving and there is always something new around the corner. An endless list of possibilities to what we can use technology for which is fascinating.

Awesome thanks Danny. I am sure you will like our new double glass-door beer fridge filled with Panhead & Garage Project and we really look forward to seeing your career flourish. 

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