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Front End Engineer




September 14, 2023

  • Play a pivotal position in a FE rebuild
  • Hybrid workplace, with a great office
  • Great culture with a family first vibe
About the company
Winners of a NZTE business award, our client develops digital trading solutions and online marketplaces for agri-food and ingredients trading. The platform simplifies the sales process and offers an integrated, branded platform with full control of what you trade, who you trade with, and how you trade. It is a customizable, private solution that enables direct global sales to a vast array of buyers anywhere in the world. Trading is fast, efficient, transparent and profitable.

About the Tech
To date, their frontend web platform relies on React (Redux, React, Ant Design), while the mobile platform is built on Flutter. Both have served them well; however, the React project is approaching its end of life, nearly beyond upgradeability. Consequently, they have made the strategic decision to embark on a rewrite, a formidable undertaking.

They have recently conducted proof-of-concept projects in both React (Vite, MUI, etc.) and Flutter Web. Remarkably, the Flutter Web demo was not only aesthetically stunning but also completed in a fraction of the time.

Many may view our consideration of Flutter Web as audacious. They  understand the skepticism – it's a new technology, reminiscent of Flash in some respects, lacking WebAssembly support and hot reload capabilities. Frankly, almost no one is proposing it for their primary SAAS web offering, except for a select few pioneers like InvoiceNinja. However, they firmly believe this technology harbors immense potential for swift, collaborative development, delivering beautiful UX across platforms, and consolidating our codebase into a unified entity, replacing the current separation between mobile and web.

About the role
As a Frontend Developer, you will assume a pivotal role in driving their  innovative approach to frontend development. This represents a unique opportunity for individuals who are deeply passionate about both user experience (UX) and product development, possess robust frontend development skills, and possess an insatiable appetite for learning and embracing new technologies, particularly in the Flutter/Dart stack.

About you
  • Strong and proven experience in at least one of the following: React, VueJS, or Angular.
  • A sincere passion for crafting exceptional user experiences and driving product excellence.
  • Demonstrated adaptability to new technologies and a strong desire for continuous learning.
  • Familiarity with Flutter and Dart is advantageous but not mandatory.
  • Willingness to embrace a paradigm shift from open HTML/JS/CSS technologies to Google's specific UI toolkit and language.

Why join them?

Innovative Environment: Be part of a forward-thinking team pioneering a fresh approach to frontend development.

Career Growth: Unlock opportunities for career advancement as you play a pivotal role in shaping their technology stack and product direction.

Versatility: Contribute to both mobile and web development, expanding your skill set and marketability.

Collaborative Culture: Collaborate with passionate professionals eager to break free from conventional development paradigms.

Impact: Your contributions will directly influence the success of their products and the satisfaction of their users.

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